On September 6th, the Board of Directors declared our first dividend on Class B Preference Shares. The Board declared a 1.75% dividend ($0.0875 per $5.00 Class B Preference Share) payable on September 15th, 2018. This is consistent with our targeted 7.00% annual return as described in our Offering Statement.

Class B Shareholders will receive their dividend payment in the coming days. Electronic payments made on September 15th take a few business days to arrive in investor accounts. Cheques issued may take a few days longer (so be sure to login to Member Zone and sign up for Direct Deposit).

For those investors who have bonds maturing in September, your payment will reflect both your Q3 dividend, and your bond payment.

Are you looking for more ways to invest with CED Co-op, and support renewable energy while earning financial returns? Our Bonds Series O1 is still open for investment and delivers a 4.5% annual return over 3 years.

If you have any questions about investing in CED Co-op, please contact us:


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