As a renewable energy co-operative, CED Co-op belongs to FCPC – the Federation of Community Power Co-operatives. FCPC unites, represents, and grows the Community Power community.

Recently, FCPC has been working to share how the new Net Metering framework for solar power can help municipalities in Ontario.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a system where individuals or businesses can install renewable energy generation at their home or business and use the electricity to power their loads. If they produce more than they consume, excess electricity is sent to the grid and credits are earned per kilowatt-hour. These credits are maintained for 12 months and can be used to pay for electricity drawn from the grid when the renewable energy system’s generation does not fully meet demand. By right-sizing a system a home or business can reduce their electricity consumption charges to $0 annually.

How Does This Help Municipalities?

Reduce Costs

Local power generation, in conjunction with increased efficiency and demand response capacity can reduce annual electricity costs by approximately 20%. Investing in local generation means locking in your cost of electricity, and avoiding the fluctuations of the electricity market.

Reinvest In The Community

Instead of purchasing power from the grid, where generation occurs across the province, local generation creates opportunities to keep funds in the community. Jobs designing, installing, monitoring, and servicing the installations keep tax dollars circulating in the local economy and create local jobs in the growing renewable power sector.

Improved Resiliency

In addition to shielding from price fluctuations, distributed generation creates resiliency to grid failure, and reduced environmental impacts.

More Information

FCPC has prepared two great videos about the changing world of renewable energy for municipalities. Watch them by clicking on the links below (and see if you can spot CED Co-op people and projects that made it in)!

State Of Renewables

How Net Metering Can Work For Municipalities

All of the information cited above comes from the FCPC videos, and their presentation, Net Metering for Municipalities.



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