CED Co-op was the first co-operative in Canada to become a public company in 2015. Now, we’re excited to share that CED Co-op is the first renewable energy co-operative to transition to a regular co-operative. This change, passed in December 2020 at our Meeting of the Members, greatly expands CED Co-op’s capable scope of projects.

Our expanded mandate, as outlined below, will allow CED Co-op to engage in a variety of energy and sustainability ventures, and provide diverse portfolios of projects to invest in.

2.6    Restrictions on the Business of the Co-operative

The Co-operative is engaged in generating energy from solar and other renewable resources; in supporting improvements in energy conservation and efficiency; and enabling the transition from greenhouse gas and pollution emitting energy sources as part of sustainable development.  As such, the business of the Co-operative is restricted to:

  1. Generating, transmitting and/or distributing electricity produced from one or more sources that are renewable resources;
  2. Generating and transferring thermal energy for heating and/or cooling from one or more sources that are renewable resources such as solar, air-exchange, geo-exchange and geothermal systems;
  3. Production and distribution of fuels, such as bio-fuels or hydrogen, created from one or more sources that are renewable resources;
  4. Storage and re-transmission of thermal or electrical energy using batteries or other energy storage systems and mechanisms;
  5. Energy efficiency projects or facilities that substantially reduce energy consumption;
  6. Fuel switching projects that substantially convert energy consumption from non-renewable to renewable sources;
  7. Electrical vehicle charging systems and hydrogen-based vehicle refilling stations;
  8. Electric vehicles or hydrogen-based vehicles for commercial fleet, transportation or delivery uses;
  9. Research, experimentation and development of clean technologies or development of systems and practices that support or improve clean technologies; and
  10. Engaging in advocacy, marketing, construction, ownership, operation, sales and financing activities that directly support and enable projects in the areas outlined above.

We’re excited an optimistic about this new direction for our Co-operative and the opportunities it allows us to pursue.

If you’re interested in investing in the types of projects outlined above, consider investing in our Class C Preference Shares. If you’d like to become a member of CED Co-op, please visit the Memberships page.

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