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Join CED Co-op to crowdfund renewable energy in Ontario.

Why invest in renewable energy?

Powering a better world

You want to create a better world. So do we. Together, we can make a difference. We believe shared values make for great partnerships. Climate change threatens our social progress. Investing in solar is an active strategy to help ensure that hard-won social gains are protected from future disruption. Climate justice is a key pillar for creating a better society.

Local economic development

All of the money paid for electricity currently flows out of our communities. By investing in local power generation, in partnership with CED Co-op, all of the money paid for electricity from our installations stays local where it is generated– benefiting investors, service providers and employers. Green power is good for you and your community.

Meet greenhouse gas emissions targets

Communities across Ontario are committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, Waterloo Region has set a goal of a 50% reduction by 2030 ( It will take the actions of all of us, as individuals and organizations, to achieve these targets. We provide an investment opportunity that creates a path to realize these GHG reductions.

Diversify and divest from fossil fuels

Environmentally-conscious investors are affecting positive change by divesting their holdings in traditional energy sources and directly funding renewables technology. The ongoing electrification of transportation and industry provides a historic opportunity to diversify your portfolio and support initiatives that contribute to stabilizing climate change.

How to invest


Review our Offering Statement

Read our Offering Statement to learn more about the details of our Class C Preference Shares, and transparent reporting on operations of the co-operative.


Join us – become a member

Fill out your Membership Application after reading the Terms and Conditions (It’s easiest to download and fill out the PDF on your computer before printing)


Print & sign your Membership Application


Send your application and payment

Send your completed Membership Application and one-time $10 payment for your lifetime membership to CED Co-op in one of 2 ways:

Scan and email your application to
or fax it to 519-279-4631, then arrange an etransfer


Mail a hard copy of your form and $10 cash or cheque to:

Community Energy Development Co-operative
860 Trillium Drive, 2nd Floor
Kitchener, ON N2R 1K4

Once we receive your application we will confirm receipt through an email or phone call.


Membership approval

The board will review your application at their next monthly meeting. Once approved you will be notified via email or phone call and your membership certificate will be mailed to you.

Invest & grow your money

Our Class C Preference shares pay dividends as additional shares that grow your investment. For more details, download our Offering Statement, or read our FAQ.

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