Our Investment Offering

Through the power of crowdfunding, CED Co-op allows you to directly invest in energy projects that power everyone. These projects are covered in detail in the Offering Statement. On top of these new projects, your investments are backed by our extensive portfolio of 100+ solar projects in the province of Ontario. 

Class C Preference Shares  |  4-5% Annual Return*

Dependable investments

You’ll know exactly what your investments are funding – community power, where the input is nature, and the output is clean electricity. Investing in Community Energy Development Co-operative (CED Co-op) supports the development of renewable energy projects while diversifying your portfolio and earning strong financial returns that won’t be impacted by market fluctuations.

Backed by the Sun

The CED Co-op is currently backed by a large portfolio of solar projects. We will continue to invest in this, and other renewable technologies, that will advance our energy transition. 

There's power in our community

Together, as investors, we will build systems of great impact. Systems that are beyond the reach of individual investors. Systems that support communities and social progress.

* Dividends are paid quarterly at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 4-5% is the anticipated annual rate of return, based on historical performance.

How to invest

Review our Offering Statement

Read our Offering Statement to learn more about the details of our Class C Preference Shares, and transparent reporting on operations of the co-operative.

Create your account

Create your CED Co-op account to begin investing. If you reside in Ontario, we recommend that you sign up as a member. There is a one time purchase of a $10 membership share required to become a member. Those residing outside of Ontario cannot be a member but can still invest.

Invest & grow your money

Our Class C Preference shares pay dividends as additional shares that grow your investment. For more details, download our offering statement, or read our FAQ.